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PETS FEE- £12 per PET / per night

We gladly welcome our guests travelling with well-behaved small pets.

2 small dogs per room will be allowed to stay in the aparthotel , but must impose the following terms and conditions to ensure the safety and comfort of our other guests and staff:

1.Except for Registered Assistance dogs, 

 you must pay the Pets fee upon arrival  at RIOSHOUSE George-Inn.


2. Additionally, an undertaking from you is required, to reimburse the aparhotel l the full costs of any damage which might be caused by your dog.


3. Please ensure that your dog wears a collar and identity tag and is on a short lead under the control of a responsible adult whenever it is on Aparthotel premises (inside and outside), other than when in your apartment.


4. Your dog must not be left unattended in your apartment. Please keep this in mind when considering where to eat at mealtimes. Our Housekeeping team will not be able to service a apartment containing an unattended dog.


5.. Any disturbances such as barking or whining must be curtailed to ensure that other guests are not inconvenienced. Management reserves the right to require you to remove your dog from hotel premises in the event that its behaviour is considered unacceptable.

6. Don't let your pet use the beds or sofas, we can provide a  Pets bed  and a pets  feeder dispensers if you request it.

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